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What’s Ana Holdings Business Model?

Ana Holdings Inc. provides a variety of air transportation-related services. The Company offers scheduled and unscheduled air passenger services and air courier services. Ana Holdings Inc sells aircraft parts and provides travel arrangement and reservation services as well.

What Ana Holdings is doing in more details?

ANA Holdings is the parent of All Nippon Airways, one of Japan’s leading carriers along with Japan Airlines. With a fleet of more than 305 aircraft, ANA services around 100 airports worldwide.

It extends its network through code-sharing with members of the Star Alliance, the first and is the world’s largest airline alliance. (Code-sharing enables airlines to sell tickets on one another’s flights.)

Besides passenger service, ANA’s air transportation operations include cargo and mail hauling and aircraft maintenance. The company also sells travel packages and operates hotels. The company generates majority of sales from its home country, Japan.

Where Ana Holdings is Operating?

ANA’s reportable segments are Air Transportation (around 60% of total sales), Airline Related (over 20%), Travel Services (around 5%), and Trade and Retail (nearly 10%).

Air Transportation conducts domestic and International passenger operations, cargo and mail operations, and other transportation services. Airline Related offers airport passenger and ground handling services and maintenance services.

Travel Services specializes in the development and sales of travel plans and also conducts planning and sales of branded travel packages using air transportation. Trade and Retail mainly imports and exports goods related to air transportation and is involved in in-store and non-store retailing.

Where is the geographical reach of Ana Holdings?

ANA is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and generates some 75% of total sales domestically. The remaining sales are from Americas, Europe, China, and other Asia. The company serves some 50 domestic airports.

What is Ana Holdings’ Sales and Marketing Strategy?

ANA served some 59.6 million passengers and has around 37 million ANA Mileage Club Members. The company’s advertising expenses were ¥5.9 million in 2021 and ¥11.8 million in 2020.

What is Ana Holdings Financial Performance?

The company’s revenue for fiscal 2021 decreased to ¥728.7 billion compared from the prior year with ¥2.0 trillion.

Loss for fiscal 2021 was ¥545.4 billion compared from the prior year with an income of ¥51.5 billion.

Cash held by the company at the end of fiscal 2020 increased to ¥370.3 billion. Cash provided by financing activities was ¥1.0 trillion while cash used for operations and investing activities were ¥270.4 billion and ¥595.8 billion, respectively.

What is Ana Holdings Future Strategy?

During the first half of fiscal 2020, ANA focused on emergency response measures in its businesses, matching capacity to demand trends, optimizing personnel assignments and services, etc. Also, the company introduced comprehensive hygiene measures under the banner of the ANA Care Promise.

In terms of finances, ANA engaged in cost reduction measures, curbed capital expenditures, and, quite early on, secured enough liquidity on hand for the time being.

During the second half of fiscal 2020, the company formulated its Business Structure Reform at the end of October, pursuing initiatives focused on three pillars for the group to survive and return to growth, even should the COVID-19 pandemic continue for an extended period of time.

In addition, the company accelerated its transformation by maintaining and strengthening financial flexibility through indirect financing and a public offering, looking forward to the post-COVID-19 era.

What is Ana Holdings’ Background?

Two domestic Japanese air carriers that started in 1952 — Nippon Helicopter and Aeroplane Transport and Far East Airlines — consolidated operations in 1957 as All Nippon Airways (ANA).

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